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Best Exercises to Lose Weight at Home by Following Simple Steps

Last updated on May 12, 2021


Obesity is one of the biggest challenges faced by modern society! Obesity has become a significant cause of concern for almost all countries in the world. The biggest issue with gaining weight is that it brings along numerous diseases and health problems.

There is a very high probability that everyone reading this article is facing problems with weight gain. Almost all of the diseases and Lifestyle health issues are related to your body weight, and reducing it can drastically help you to improve your health.

You will find hundreds and thousands of ways to lose weight, many of which are harmful to your body. In this blog post, I will be discussing the most effective and easiest exercises to lose weight.

I have personally lost more than 50 kg of weight using these exercises. The secret to losing weight is consistency and perseverance. The problem which stops people from losing weight is the fact that they expect quick results. Changing patterns for your body is hard, and you need to adapt to changes slowly.

The way I would think about this fact is that if you somehow lose the will to lose weight in between, you will quit trying. It would help if you started your journey of losing weight by first accepting the fact that it will take a few months and, in most cases, one year to lose all the extra weight on your body.

This will prepare you to make changes in your routine, and you will be able to follow the same pattern all your life. It is more about creating habits rather than losing weight in the short-term.

Without any further delay let’s discuss all the exercises that will help you to lose weight –

1. Walking

walking to lose weight

My personal experiences have helped me realize the importance of walking: Doctors and health professionals worldwide advise every human being to walk regularly. You can easily find hundreds of research done on walking, which points out the enormous calories that you can burn by including a regular walking pattern in your life.

The best part about walking is that it does not put a lot of strain on any parts of your body. It is a mild exercise that works to reduce fat from all parts of your body equally. It is also one of the easiest to incorporate in any schedule. You can try and fit in walking during any time of the day and especially when you talk over the phone.

I would recommend starting with 30 minutes of walk with a frequency of 3 to 4 times a week. You can gradually increase this frequency as you get habitual of walking.

It is useful for beginners because you do not tend to get exhausted while walking as compared to other forms of exercise. This can help you get a slow and steady start, which can give you any possible results that you want.

2. Cycling

cycling to lose weight

You have to make sure to work on your mind subconsciously while incorporating any exercise habit. The exercise you are going to choose must also entertain you at the same time so that you can quickly develop a habit. Cycling is the perfect exercise as it has all these elements in it.

The number of calories you burn while cycling are very high compared to walking. Ideally, you should combine activities like walking, cycling, and others on this list to make an exciting exercise schedule.

Besides helping you lose weight, cycling will also help you prevent Lifestyle diseases, including diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, and many others.

3. Weight lifting and gym

Weightlifting is directly linked to weight loss. It should not be the only form of exercise you do while losing weight but should actually be a part of your schedule. According to the information provided by Harvard health, 112 calories is what a 70 Kgs person loses in 30 minutes with weight training.

Your muscles must also grow and be active in order to suck in the extra skin that will be left after you lose weight. Weight loss is actually a combination of various activities which result in the holistic growth of your health. You should ideally combine weightlifting and weight training, along with other cardio exercises.

5. Running

After you have acquired a habit of regularly walking, you must slowly start running to increase the results that you get exponentially. Running in small phases at regular intervals can result in a lot of calorie shedding. There are exercise routines like high-intensity training in which you walk along with running at high speed and at full intensity at regular intervals.

For example, in my personal experience, I used to walk 5 kilometers every day, along with five sprints of 200 meters each. It will take approximately 2 to 3 months for you to develop this schedule, but it will be worth it as you will be able to lose almost all the extra weight on your body.

5. Swimming

Swimming is another exciting activity, the entertaining part of which will motivate you to do it daily. You must join a swimming program in your locality and practice swimming specific lengths every day. You can lose a lot of calories by swimming regularly.


6. Yoga

Yoga is the traditional Indian form of exercise that can help you to maintain and reduce weight. There are various Asanas starting with Pranayam, which directly help in weight loss and prevention of diseases.

You must try and include specific yoga Aasanas on a daily basis, which will help you to fight diseases and remain healthy overall. There are innumerable benefits attached to yoga, which makes it one of the best forms of exercise.

checking your weight on the weighing scale

I would like to conclude by saying that starting an exercise routine is more about preparing yourself mentally rather than physically. You must accept the fact that it takes time, and you should have a slow start and keep increasing gradually according to your body’s strength.

You can easily follow all the exercises listed in this post to head start your journey of weight loss. Stay tuned to read more such exciting posts about health and fitness. Let us know about your weight loss journey in the comments section below, and if you think there is another exercise that should be part of this list, let us know, and we will add that for sure!


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