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How to improve eyesight naturally and get rid of spectacles!

Last updated on May 12, 2021


Eyesight problems are a global concern these days. Sedentary lifestyles and bad eating habits have brought with themselves a variety of diseases and health problems. One of these health issues is the effects on eyesight.

If we compare eyesight problems being faced by people these days with the issues faced about a century ago, we find an exponential rise and a significant gap.

This fact confirms that the present-day lifestyle and food habits are the reasons behind eye problems. Most of the people reading this article would also be suffering from vision problems, and getting a 6/6 vision is a dream for many.

Usually, the only solution available to people is getting LASIK surgery. Modern advancements in technology have helped doctors introduce solutions like Lasik surgery, which can treat vision problems in one operation.

But it should always be your priority to try and cure eyesight using natural methods. Ayurveda, yoga, diet and many other natural exercises help you to regain lost power in vision. In this blog post, I will be discussing all these natural methods that you can practice daily to get rid of spectacles naturally.

1. Drink carrot juice

carrot juice

Carrots are a rich source of numerous vitamins and minerals. Several types of research and studies have been done on the effect of these nutrients on eyesight, and all of them give the same results. The studies point towards the enormous benefits of drinking carrot juice on a regular basis has helped many people get rid of spectacles.

Major constituents of carrots are Vitamin A and Vitamin B complex. There are a very few edible Natural sources of these vitamins, and these are directly responsible for boosting eye vision. The advised portion of carrot juice that you should consume on a daily basis should be minimum one glass and ideally two glasses in a day.

2. Coriander juice

Coriander juice is another effective natural ingredient which is used as eye drops for healing eye vision. The best part about this juice is that it is readily available and everyone can use it. You have to use coriander juice as eye drops, and after putting drops in your eye, you must keep them closed for about 5 to 10 minutes for best results. Just like all other listings and the disclaimer given at the end of this post, you must make sure to consult your doctor before applying it on your eyes.

3. Hydrotherapy

Blood circulation to your eyes plays a major role in your vision potency. Your eyes can repair themselves if the right amount of blood flows through them. One of the best ways to make sure this happens is hydrotherapy. It includes using a hot and cold compress to your eyes at regular intervals. Cold and warm compresses are quite useful in increasing blood flow to your eyes. This will also help to rejuvenate your face, and you will feel refreshed.

4. Yoga


Yoga is a traditional practice of a combination of numerous physical, mental and spiritual exercises that can benefit you in gaining holistic growth of your health. There are numerous Yoga asanas and many of which are known to help in repairing eye vision. Pranayam is the best asana that you can start with. Along with improving your vision, it will also help you lose weight and prevent innumerable diseases.

Yoga must be practised regularly for at least 30 mins in order to see significant results. The best way is to combine various things listed in this post, and you will surely benefit to a large extent.

5. Cleansing your eyes

One of the reasons why eyes lose their potency is stress and strain. Water is an effective and natural way to treat your eyes. With excess stress and strain, which might have happened because of UV rays or excessive screen usage, your eyes tend to start losing potency. This can be rectified to a large extent by cleansing your eyes with water regularly. You must inculcate a habit of washing your eyes about 5-6 times daily to remove all dirt particles from your eyes.

6. Eye exercises

Sedentary lifestyles these days include watching screens all day long. People tend to switch from one screen to the other without any breaks. Giving rest to your eyes is so under-rated, so you must close your eyes for about 3-4 minutes at least three times in a day. There are numerous eye exercises too, like glaring at a blank wall for 25 seconds between screen sessions to give rest to your eyes. You must make a list of 5-6 eye exercises which must be practised daily.

7. Follow precautions

There are a lot of precautions that you must follow in order to prevent your eyesight from further damage. During the initial days of wearing spectacles, these precautions can actually help to reverse the damage.


Some of the major ones are – 

  • Protect yourself from UV rays and continuous exposure to screens
  • Sleep plays a significant role so you must sleep for at least 8 hours every day
  • Wash your eyes regularly to avoid dirt
  • Use anti-glare spectacles if you are always in front of the computer screen
  • If you are using lenses, make sure to wash your hands every time before handling them and also wash the lenses and keep them moist

Disclaimer – I want to put out a big disclaimer before you start reading everything on the list. Before you change your diet and begin incorporating the natural methods listed in this post, you must consult your doctor and dietitian to get the prescribed portions. The eyesight condition for everybody varies according to their health, and so does the portion of consumables and the exercises required. So please make sure to consult professionals before starting anything.

how to recover lost eyesight potency

I would like to conclude by saying that there are a lot of natural cures to all the modern health challenges that we face. There have been a number of instances where people have been able to fully recover their vision power by making changes in their lifestyle.

The same is possible in your case, and all the methods listed in the post answers your query on how to improve eyesight naturally!

Stay tuned for more such engaging and informative posts. Feel free to drop your comments and if you have additional points for this article. We are working towards building a healthy and engaging community of health enthusiasts.

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