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How To Tell If You Are In Ketosis? – The Practical Signs & Symptoms

Last updated on March 7, 2022


How To Tell If You Are In Ketosis? Most people find keto diets as the most effective way of losing excess body weight over time. It is an excellent habit to adopt keto foods with a plan to lose your body weight. But you need to follow it strictly with the motivation to see your body change. When you are on a keto diet, your body will undergo vast biological adaptations, and your body will enhance your ketone levels in the blood. 

The keto diet will trigger your liver to produce more ketones to supply enhanced energy to your brain. To know whether you are in ketosis, you need to observe some of the symptoms and signs. In this article, you will know about some of the signs and symptoms to let you know whether you are in ketosis or not. 

Noticeable Weight Loss

weight loss and management

Ketogenic diets, when blended with low-carb foods, become a powerful remedy for losing excess body fat. You will experience some amount of weight loss within a short span of time while the long-term results will be yet to come. 

The main question is how to tell if you are in ketosis? You need to observe your weight over a short span of time in the first week. Take note of your body weight in an interval of a week. After your body drops the water weight, you must lose consistent weight over time as long as you follow the keto diet. 

Enhanced Keto Levels

How To Tell If You Are In Ketosis?

If your blood has high ketone levels, then it is the most prominent sign to let you know whether you are in full ketosis or not. Once you feel like you have followed the keto diet for quite some time, reach out to your doctors to get your ketone levels tested. 

Doctors will take your breath and urine tests to check the ketone level in your body. Blood samples will also be required to take note of the accurate ketone levels within the cells. There are ketone testing kits available online as well. So, if you do not want to go to your doctors, get the kits for yourself to keep track of your blood ketone levels. 

Enhanced Energy & Better Focus

Physical fitness for better focus

For the initial period, consuming low-carb foods might result in tiredness or sickness. But with passing time, the ketogenic dieters have reported having enhanced energy and better focus. Once you are into ketosis, your brain will start burning ketones instead of glucose which will demand some time from the brain to function properly. 

Do not worry as ketones work as fuel for the brain and are ideal for treating brain diseases and memory loss conditions. So, if you are experiencing more focus and energy within your mind and body while on the keto diet, you can conclude that you are in ketosis. Your answer to the question ‘how to tell if you are in ketosis?’ is here. Keep observing your body and mind to be aware of the progressive results. 

Feeling More Thirsty Than Usual

How To Tell If You Are In Ketosis?

If you are in ketosis, then you will eventually feel thirstier than you used to, while you were not into a keto diet. It is because the high level of ketones within the body leads to dehydration. Therefore, your body demands more water over time. 

Dehydration might be one of the side effects of ketosis but can be dealt with regular water consumption. If you are searching for answers to know how to tell if you are in ketosis? , measure your thirst levels. If you are feeling thirstier than usual, then the keto diet is probably working well within your body. 

Frequent Urination

Frequent Urination

One amongst the several signs of ketosis is frequent urination. Due to sudden carb restriction and increased level of ketones within the body, you might feel like urinating more often. It is because the insulin level of the body drops as a result of which your body emits more sodium and water. 

It is also termed as a drop in water weight which demands you to take more frequent bathroom trips. So, if you are experiencing such change within your body, you can eventually conclude that you are in full ketosis. 

Symptoms Of Less Hunger

How To Tell If You Are In Ketosis?

Keto diet consists of satiating food items such as cheese, fish, meat, and other low-carb vegetables. Therefore, it keeps you full and also suppresses your appetite. As a result of which you feel less hungry, and you also take a long gap between your food cycles. 

Missing out on hunger feeling is a sign or symptom that your body is in full ketosis, and the dietary plan is working well to help you lose weight. You need to keep up with the strict routine of the diet to see progress in achieving your desired goal. 

Insomnia Signs

Insomnia Signs

While you struggle to adapt to the keto diet in the initial days, you will find it difficult to get proper rest. You might not be able to sleep properly for the desired time. You might end up waking up in the middle of the night or could not sleep at all. It is very common for keto dieters as it is part of the long-term goal that they have destined to achieve. 

So, if you are on the keto diet and are finding it difficult to attain good sleep time, you know the answer to your question ‘how to tell if you are in ketosis?’. 


These are a few of the signs that indicate your ketosis condition. Keto diets have many productive health benefits but also comes with some subtle side effects. Do not worry as these symptoms are not permanent and can be cured with proper medication and habit. If you intend on getting back to shape then continue with the keto-diet and you would eventually see a better version of yourself over time. 

In the meanwhile, if you are curious to know whether you are in ketosis or not, you can keep track of these signs and find the answers to your doubtful questions yourself.

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