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7 Amazing Pregnancy Exercise for Normal Delivery

Last updated on May 12, 2021


Pregnancy Exercise for Normal Delivery where the pain occurs normally at the time of pregnancy but sometimes pregnant ladies think that they should choose to go for Sigerian to avoid normal pain during delivery and it feels like as you are running a big marathon for 9 months nonstop but when everything is fine with ladies its best to go with normal delivery vaginally. Because it is good for your health and considering the best for baby health and best exercise for normal delivery during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you should take regular check-up to your gynecologist, drink plenty of fluids which helps to create good water bags around baby, and also it helps blood flow of the baby and helps in the development of the bay. Next, consumes high fiber diet like apple, orange, custard apple, Kiwi, sapota(Chikkoo), watermelon (Contain more water), and many more, by consuming high dietary fiber you don’t feel constipation and helps to prevent toxins.

Start having Papaya for the last 15 days prior to delivery, which very good and nutritious for you and helps in softening of the uterus mouth, which results in smooth normal delivery without much pain

To avoid such problems which are mentioned above you can follow the best pregnancy exercise for normal delivery.

Pregnancy Exercise for Normal Delivery

By making exercise as your regular habit before trying to conceive can help you feel good throughout your pregnancy, have more stamina for labor and delivery.

You may get wonder like when should pregnant moms perform these exercises? So, the best time to start your initial exercise when you have been declared as pregnant or going to have a cute baby but on another side, you think about the 9 months journey, beauty, pain, and more unwanted idea.

If you follow the regular check-ups and regular exercise you may feel really good and confident about the journey. So, here is Pregnancy Exercise for Normal Delivery.

1) Exercise Type 1 – Walking

walking in park

As very simple as walking can help to keep your body in very good shape when you face the labor day. Focus on walking outdoor in the fresh air, sunlight’s and natural environment surroundings for at least 30mins a day is best.

2) Exercise Type2 – Sitting

Sitting exercise

There are 3 types of sitting as below

  • Proper sitting is the best exercise but some complain that proper sitting is not good at pregnancy time but there more benefits when you are carrying an extra weight of about 20 pounds you practice to sit properly which results strengthen your core and stabilizing your pelvis.

The most important factor of this sitting exercise is to prevent you from lounging in couches, gliders, and beds. Even it is a habit follow for pregnancy condition, the best way to sit upright is with your pelvis slightly forward. You also use the Exercise ball to help the sitting exercise, just to ensure that the ball is firm enough and high enough so that your hips are higher than your knees. In order to keep your pelvis aligned and baby in an optimal position after 30 weeks, encourage to sit on an exercise ball as much as you can.

  • Another best way to is Cross-legged sitting exercise that is a type of looking normal training but great benefits for a natural child. This type of sitting exercise helps to push the uterus forward while stretches the legs and opens the pelvis more, So I highly recommend you to follow the sitting exercise for much time as you can in which it helps especially when you are running 3rd trimester.
  • The last sitting in a squatting position is also an excellent pelvic floor strengthening.

3) Exercise Type 3 – Leaning Forward

Leaning Forward

We always lean backward for a more relax mode, but at the time of pregnancy maintain the habit of leaning forward. Like leaning on an exercise ball, counter, and table work to flip a posterior baby.

This helps to pull the baby backward and helps to bring the baby in an optimal position. Rest your arms and upper body over the exercise ball and roll around while your pelvis moves in mid-air that lets you prepare your lower body for natural labor.

4) Exercise Type 4 – Pelvic Tilt Stretch or Pelvic Rock

Pelvic Tilt Stretch

This exercise is also a very simple exercise that keeps your pelvis loose and the lower back limber. You can perform these from Day 1 and until labor. Especially at the pregnancy of 30 weeks, you may want to try to flip a posterior baby to anterior position, with this you can do pelvic rocks when you feel your baby is moving.

This is a great position for birth especially in the third trimester and recommends by performing it 3 times a day. The total time a day you need is 20 minutes.

5) Exercise Type 5 – Butterflies Stretches

Butterflies Stretches

This exercise helps opens your pelvis and keeps your lower back limber. You can do these from the moment when you are pregnant to deliver.

Sit at the bottom and put the soles of feet together. Pulse your leg up and down till you feel the stretch. You can take the help of your partner to add more resistance to the deeper stretches.

6) Exercise Type 6 – Forward leaning Inversion

Forward leaning Inversion

This powerful move helps to untwist lower uterine ligaments. because of a less active lifestyle and poor posture, so pregnant mothers uterus can be twisted and cramped, thus causing less room for your baby to settle into optimal position. So, to perform this exercise, you need to kneel on the edge of your bed or couch as shown. So slowly lower yourself to your palm of the floor and then slowly follow to your forearms. Elbows face outward while both your palm close together.


Let your head hang freely and ensure your chin is tucked. Your buttocks should be position highest. Then flatten your lower back (Posterior pelvic tilts) to give more room to free your ligament and hold for 30 seconds and take 3 breaths. Let’s belly loose and shoulders strong.

Come back up on your hands and then lift yourself up to a kneeling position again, using a stool or helper. Perform this amazing exercise 1 or 3 times daily.

Note: If you have any uterine cramping, very have high blood pressure, or feel more excessive baby movements, Kindly do not attempt this exercise.

Check with your doctor before attempting this exercise for safety measures.

7) Exercise Type 7 – Sleeping Position

Sleeping Position

Once your pregnancy reaches week 20, most of the doctors and midwives will discourage you from sleeping on your back because it can cause backaches, breathing, digestive, systems low blood pressure,  and decrease circulation in your heart and your baby.

So kindly avoid sleeping on your belly so side sleeping is the best during pregnancy, sleeping on our left side is most optimal because it may In blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. Use pillows that support you and your belly. Major pregnancy claims that by using this pillow has helped them to promote full-body support

So, these are the best 7 pregnancy exercise for normal delivery

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