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Best Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea

Last updated on October 17, 2020


Morning is always the best part of the day. If the morning starts with tension, stress, anxiety, etc. the whole day gets wasted. So it becomes necessary to rejuvenate yourself with the amazing benefits of lemon ginger tea.

There are numerous varieties of tea available in the market based on different categories. You should go for the one which is healthy and which has herbal benefits.

Waking up early in the morning and having a cup of Lemon and Ginger Tea will be one of the best options to get refreshments and to detoxify the body. It is one of the highly preferred herbal teas over a span of decades.

Since the Ayurveda period the combination of lemon, ginger, honey, and some other spices like black pepper, black cloves, etc. are used as remedies for cough, cold, and fever. Hence it is considered a refreshing beverage that can be consumed in a day without looking at the clock. They are even considered as tools to eliminate toxic waste from the body.


Lemon and ginger tea is considered as one of the remedies to cough and fever because of immunity strengthening properties. Lemon has citric acid which acts as an anti-inflammable agent to the body. It is rich in Vitamin C and has a strong flavor which gives increases taste. Ginger is a strong element that helps to increase immunity in the body. It helps in improving blood circulation and to energize.

Having a cup of tea will help to reduce cough and fever. It will be more effective if it is consumed on an empty stomach.


For flawless and beautiful skin one must consume a healthy diet. Applying lots and lots of creams doesn’t make any sense. Skin and hair should be taken care of by its roots.

Lemon which has high vitamin C boosts anti-bacterial properties which prevent acne and helps to whiten skin. It even works as an anti-aging agent. Ginger has fatty acids that prevent the thinning of hair. Ginger and lemon help to cure dandruff and hair fall. It gives a natural shine to skin and hair. Please check another amazing content for healthy skin


Today these herbal teas are recommended as refreshment beverages that contain less fat and sugar which ultimately helps to reduce weight. Lemon ginger tea is not made of milk contents. It will light and contains fewer calories which are again plus point to energize the body without gaining weight.

For those who try to reduce weight should once try lemon and ginger tea because ginger in the tea reduces hunger and results in weight loss and belly fat. Please check another amazing content for weight loss

A cup of tea on an empty stomach helps to reduce excess fat. For the better results make a mixture of ginger tea (without lemon) and a pinch of apple cider vinegar and drink on an empty stomach boosts antioxidant effects in the body.


Specialists claim that an anti-inflammable property of lemon and ginger reduces acidity. Ginger helps to reduce stomach acid flowing up into the esophagus. It fights with bloating of stomach, gas, loss of appetite, and flatulence.

Having a cup of lemon and ginger tea right after the meal may reduce gas and flatulence.


Experts say the anti-inflammable properties of ginger helps in curing throat and thyroid-related diseases. Ginger tea will be given as a medicine for diseases associated with the throat and lungs since Ayurveda’s age. Lemon helps to boost smooth metabolism in the body.

Grated ginger and add a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice in boiling water make a magical medicine for all throat related diseases. Drinking a sip of tea helps to detoxify the lungs naturally.



Total: 10 minutes
Preparation: 5 minutes
Cook: 5 minutes
Yield: 1 serving

Ingredients: Lemon, Ginger, Honey, and a Cup of water

Preparation of Tea: Preheat a cup of water, add 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Now add a fine paste of ginger root to the boiling water (take a ginger root to wash it properly and smash it into a fine paste). Stir for 5 minutes. Strain tea into a mug. Now you can add a tablespoon of honey for a better taste.


  • Lemon and ginger tea are generally not suitable for kids and children who are underweight.
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  • Lemon and ginger tea should be better avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • It is not preferred to consume lemon and ginger tea regularly for those patients who are suffering from high blood pressure 


Lemon and ginger tea a refreshing drink helps to fight with various health issues including cough, cold, fever, stomach and throat infections, skin and hair, and even helps to reduce weight. Some studies show that lemon and ginger tea helps to reduce diabetes in a longer period of time. It helps to prevent diseases relating to cardiovascular issues, mouth, lungs, breast, and stomach cancers, etc. 

If you are looking for a drink that includes a combo of health benefits and refreshments, lemon and ginger tea is the right option with a unique taste. Go and give it a try. Take benefit for the fullest.

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  1. Ankita Ankita November 13, 2020

    I just started drinking water with lemon and mint in it the month is very strong so is the lemon lhave un a water bottle. I have 3lbs to loose 30 more l’m 188. I want to be 130 and l’m soon to be 52

    • Life Geography Life Geography Post author | November 19, 2020

      Hi Ankita,
      thanks for choosing lifegeography for your health benefits and home remedies, as per your comment we want to suggest to have green tea with lime without sugar before bed would help you to reduce the weight and also carbohydrates rich content intake should be reduced and consume fibre rich foods and drink lots of water for every 30 mins.

      Note: Above suggestion is the natural remedy which can be used by anyone, but when it comes to different conditions like yours we strongly suggest consulting your nearest doctor and follow the guideline.
      Thank you

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