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What is the 7 second trick to prevent heart attacks to remember for life!

Last updated on May 12, 2021


A heart attack is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. What is the 7 second trick to prevent heart attacks is a question asked by many as it has been saving millions of lives directly or indirectly. Centers for disease control and prevention states that an American gets a heart attack every 40 seconds. With such alarming numbers, you must give prime importance to your cardiovascular health. Heart attacks are linked to many bad habits and problems in other parts of the body. The tricks to prevent heart attacks that we are going to discuss in this article will also nourish other parts of your body. 

Hundreds of researches have been done on these tracks, and some of those even point out that these activities can prevent heart attack almost 80% of the time. Everything listed in the article is simple and can be performed by anyone. Without any further wait, let’s dig straight into the list and discuss every factor in detail – 

1. Exercise and maintaining physical activity

Exercise is the solution to almost every health issue with your body. Exercise is linked to the prevention of virtually any disease. Diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. are all connected to weight gain and a bad lifestyle. These can easily be prevented by regularly exercising, even for as little as 100 minutes a week. 

The same is the case with Heart problems. Exercise increases blood flow in the veins, and the heart can function correctly. 

2. Eating a healthy diet

While losing weight, you must have heard many fitness professionals that diet constitutes more than 70% importance in the body’s weight loss. Even if you have a healthy exercise routine, you can still be having bad health because of an unhealthy diet. Diet is the fuel to the human body, and eating properly can prevent hundreds of diseases. 

You also tend to feel more energized to work and can accomplish various tasks as your body is more active than ever. Metabolism of the body plays a significant role in maintaining body weight which is enhanced by healthy eating habits. You must include various green vegetables in your diet and minimize junk food to prevent all diseases.

3. Quit Smoking

Smoking is an invitation to hundreds of diseases to your body. It is linked to various types of cancer, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. Quitting smoking is the biggest favor you can do to your heart. We are blessed to have various products these days, which are there to help with the habit of smoking. Apart from that, there are multiple activities too, which can help you to quit this habit. 

4. Blood pressure range

Blood pressure can be a direct reason for heart failure, and regularly checking and maintaining ideal blood pressure is essential. Various bad foods trigger blood pressure spikes; hence they must be avoided at all times.

5. Maintaining a healthy body weight

Bodyweight is directly linked to the health of each of your body parts. Putting on weight significantly increases risks of heart disease and other diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. All the tricks to preventing heart attacks in this post are interlinked as eating a healthy diet will increase your metabolism, and that will help you to maintain a healthy weight. 

There are few measures to calculate ideal body weight and one of them is BMI. Having a BMI between 18-25 is considered healthy, and that is what we should try and maintain. 

6. Avoiding stress

Stress is one of the significant health deteriorates. Stress can cause you to age out faster and invite various diseases apart from heart issues. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial to living in peace. Stress causes erratic blood flow which puts direct pressure on the heart. 

7. Blood cholesterol and Blood sugar levels

Blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body can directly affect the functioning of the heart. Having irregular blood sugar levels starts affecting various parts of your body and heart has to put in extra effort to pump in the same amount of blood. 

Both of these factors have been related to body weight, and reducing your body weight can help you to maintain these levels in your body.

I would also like to enlighten you about some of the ways by which you can minimize or prevent a heart attack while it’s happening. These are some of the useful tips that you must remember all your life as these can help you or someone during an emergency.

1. Call an ambulance

If you feel you or anyone near you is having a heart attack, the first thing to do is to call for an ambulance. There are other things that can be done while having a heart attack, but the first thing is calling an ambulance as you need a doctor and professional help at the moment.

2. Taking an aspirin

Aspirin is known to have regularising effects in your blood and is one of the best medicines to take during a heart attack. It will reduce the chances of a clot formation, and you will get extra time on your hands to get help.

3. Cough as CPR

Cough CPR has been talked about multiple times to help during the event of a heart attack. Coughing and breathing deeply helps to raise blood pressure instantly that will cause excess blood to reach your brain, which will help you in the time of crises.    

I would like to conclude by saying that millions of people are going to die of a heart attack this year. Most of them can prevent the heart attack by following the advice given in the article above. I wish this article reaches the maximum possible amount of people and saves lives everywhere. If you are currently having body issues among the ones listed above, you must make sure to mend your ways and adopt a healthy lifestyle slowly. With this, I hope I have answered your question of what is the 7 second trick to prevent heart attacks. Also, check out this post to know 5 weird ways to check if your heart rate is normal.

Let us know if you think there should be some additions to this list or we missed something in the comments sections below. I personally request you to share this article among your friends and relatives so that you can directly or indirectly save lives! 

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