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How to Get Pink Lips Using Lip Balm

Last updated on May 12, 2021


How to Get Pink Lips Fast Permanently, Natural Home-Made Remedy

By using this home remedy, you can turn your dark lips to permanent pink lips, WOW sounds amazing. Then why are you waiting? Follow the below procedure to get pink lips.

Simple Steps to Get Pink Lips

Item Required

For Initial Lip Massage

  • 1 Table-Spoon Sugar
  • 1 Table-Spoon Honey 

Lip balm for baby pink lips

  • 2 Table-Spoon Beetroots juice
  • 1 Table-Spoon Coconut Oil
  • 1 Table-Spoon Vaseline Petroleum gel
  • 2 Vitamin E Capsule 

How to Prepare Lip Balm and Direction to Use?

Step 1

1 Tsp sugar + 1 Tsp Honey = Mix well and massage to your lips for 2 to 3 minutes in a circular direction, which helps circulate blood flow in the lips, then wash it with cold water.

Step 2

Mix all the lip balm ingredients (Mentioned in Items Required) in a small box. Apply the home-made lip balm regularly before going to bed.

Once you use the lip balm store in a refrigerator, it can store till 10 to 15 days.


Benefits of Home-Made Lip Balm for Pink Lips

  • Reduces Darkness on the lips.
  • Increases softness
  • Best result use regularly to get permanent pink lips
  • It helps to remove dead skin
  • Reduces dry lips

Author – Akshay Ankush, Digital Marketer

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