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Ulcers IBS (IRRITABLE BOWL SYNDROME) or Crohn’s Disease

Last updated on May 12, 2021


Home Remedies with Proven Evidence

Ulcerative colitis is predominantly a disease of the large bowel. The disease involves loss of the surface lining of the bowel (Ulceration) with bleeding. Patients complain of rectal bleeding and diarrhea frequent discharge of watery stool mixed with blood, pus, and mucus. Many patients have cramping abdominal pain with fever, vomiting weight loss, and dehydration.

A chronic, inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation in the digestive tract. When our immune system tries to fight with viruses and bacteria, ulcers are more common in people. Crohn’s disease commonly affects the colon and lowest part intestine. It results in swelling in the gut. This swelling can lead to cracking and fissures in this area. This period of age it is a very challenging disease that affects the patient for a full life span between 30 to 50 years of age. Weakness is more common due to the loss of water and blood in the stool.

Types of Ulcers

Microscopic Colitis, Infectious Colitis, Ischemic Colitis, Crohn’s Ulcers, Multiple Ulcers.

Cause of the Disease

Many people addicted to drinking alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco, anxiety, more addiction coffee content and Stress, they may increase the number of bowel movements and suffer from gastric problems.


Ulcerative Colitis is diagnosis through Colonoscopy, where a thin colonoscope is inserted into the rectum and moved up through the large intestine and gastric biopsy for H Pylori specimen examined and other normal lab examination.

Section of the colon like (Anal Verge, Rectum, Sigmoid Colon, Ascending Colon, Splenic Fixture, Traverse Colon, Hepatic Flexure, Caecum, and Ileum) are the colon examined in colonoscopy diagnoses.

Doctor to Consult

Gastroenterologist Doctors Diagnoses and treat the patients for Ulcers.

We recommend Dr. Ganesh Kini, Gastroenterologist


Kindly refer to the doctor’s prescription after your diagnosis result and most doctors normally prefer non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The Best Home Remedies to Cure the Ulcer Disease with Proved Example

First Step – Things to Follow –

Boswellia, Serrata, Curcumin, Withania, Somniferous (Ashwagandha) have strong Anti-inflammatory and it supports stress-free medication.

Juice Preferred – Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric with milk, aloe vera, buttermilk, Pomegranate, lemon juice are useful 

Food Preferred – Eat Hot Food, Jowar Roti, Fibre Food, Foxtel Millet, Dates, Dry Grapes, Chiya Seeds, sprouts, fish, psyllium seeds. 

Vegies – cucumber and green beans, squash are useful

Drink 3 Liters of water per day.

Consume Light food and stop eating junk foods and sweets. cooled drinks and oily food should be avoided.

Acupressure therapy is beneficial.

Prefer Oatmeal which contains more fiber.

Spinach, mustard green diet can reduce inflammatory of the colon.

Blueberry is good which protects against intestinal inflammation.

Yoga is the best source to prevent ulcerative colitis. It can help manage our systems and reduce illness frequently. Ulcerative patients cured by changing their lifestyle such as meditation, deep breathing (Pranayam), Sudarshana Kreye and progressive muscle relaxation to help the body relax.

Stress plays a more important role in IBS such as ulcerative colitis like Depression, anxiety, symptoms found in ulcerative colitis patients. Ulcerative colitis can be controlled by the peace of mind, positive behaviors or otherwise it may affect physically. Yoga is also beneficial to colitis. Mediation, Morning walking, jogging, positive thinking, book reading is also more beneficial.

Using cow urine, milk, sour, curd, is good for the colon. Colon gets cool and fights anti-infection. When drinking the cow urine, and milk curd the colon gets stability. colon works his function properly. It supplies water to the body and removes the waste outside. It is a 100% guarantee to treat this way, then the colon gets normalcy.

Bitter Gourd juice is also good. Mango juice is good. It enriches the vitamin, high minerals, the juice that flows all over the body. The body gets the nutrition to get healthy.

Items and Direction of Use

Item Required

  • 1 Small Glass of Fresh Cow Milk (Directly from Cow Breast)  (No Packet Milk, or Branded Milk)
  • Half Glass Cow Urine (Gomutra – Cow urine purifies the human body from inside out by flushing out all toxins) 
  • 2 Jowar Roti and Butter Milk without chilly

Direction of Use

Everyday day early morning at between 5 AM to 6 AM, have 1 glass fresh cow milk within the next second drink Cow Urine (Gowmutra)

Consume very light food or drink buttermilk for breakfast.

At Lunch have 2 Jowar Roti and butter (Can consider Spinach if available).

At Dinner as same as lunch.

For best results follow the above steps minimum 4 to 6 months to recover permanently (100% Guaranteed).

Follow Strictly

  • Stop Consuming Non-veg
  • Stop eating spicy food
  • Stop drinking coffee
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Stop Chewing Tobacco

Live Evidence who have given the above Remedy and He has cured his Ulcer Permanently

He is working government employee at Hubli, Karnataka from 2003 he started getting stomach pain and bleeding from the bowel. He had consulted several doctors and couldn’t find the best one and one day he met Dr. Ganesh Kini, Gastroenterologist. Dr started treating the patient and done all the diagnoses in which the patient starts feeling somewhat working good but everyday medication spending amount day by day its a very big burden to middle-class families.

So, patients had worked on the homemade remedy which helped him to cure the Ulcerative colitis permanently.


Evidence 1 – First test of Patient and Report before consuming the remedy ( Date – 22/8/2003)

ulcer evidence

Evidence 2 – Last test of Patient and Report after having continues 6 Months diet (Date – 03/05/2008).

cured ulcer patient evidence

The above information has been proved and explained by the patient itself if anyone in your family and friends is suffering from the same problem. First, kindly consult Gastrologist, then if you feel you want go with a natural remedy, just follow the above steps or have the doubt you can contact directly to the survived patient for more guidance 

Author – Hanumant Ankush, Contact Email –

Final summary

“Ulcerative Colitis can be Curable permanently by using the above items and remedies with the stability of mind and accepting the reality of the disease.” – Hanuman Ankush, Survival Patient.

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